Monday, January 17, 2011

I just don’t get it.

I realize that one the girls who graduated from Kennedy has made nearly 15 face book accounts, she’s making them back to back and adding lots of friends. The reason i realize this is that every time she makes one she starts tagging the pictures i have and commenting on them. 

Every day for the past week  6 people named Adams from Grambling added me as a friend.  it was all her. I don’t get it. Now that I think about it. I realize that she’s the Monique G. chick too. she asked me for my number in that account. I didn’t give it to her at all.  I might have to report her to facebook as spam or something. because it’s unnecessary to create that many accounts claiming to be a relative of that person.

It just hit me about the time she was begging me to upload all them  Graduation pics. I told her the stuff takes time, yet daily she’d ask where the rest of them were. I began to think she was special. and now that i know that it’s her, i know that she IS “special”…  If i tell you i’m doing something, don’t complain because i aint doing it at your demand. just because you want to see what i have. dang! it aint that serious chick

 HOMOGENIZE YOURSELF! okay I had to get that out one good time. but yeah. ole girl needs to take a seat somewhere.

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