Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something I wanted to write in here

But I forgot what it was.. In that Instance I shall begin to write some random stuff..

Man, Tim Hit me up and asked about creating a band site, The classic Forum style, But I told him that Social Networks have just about replaced the traditional forum sites. Back in 2001-05 it was cool to write on a forum, have a signature and avatar images and host a discussion. Long winded discussions too..

Now days, Due to Twitter and Facebook, folks want summaries and quick q&a style post. it’s why all the forums about band aren't as active as they used to be.

Speaking of that. <—Three Words Me

So I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” .. he said .. “Lately I’ve been Staring in the Mirror” .. REALLY STEVIE?! lol I wonder who write that lyric.. Great song, I love it.. I was going to dedicate that one to somebody but she’d probably get angry ..LOL..

that was in a car accident today too.  smh.. Bad drivers hit & run. her and her daughter is okay though.

I Finally got that A Twitter app for my Phone called MoTweet. it’s faulty but it’s good enough.

I found The best Live Boot CD Ever, It’s great. I may have use it more often on bad pc’s. Especially XP.   It’s called Harin’s Boot CD

I’d recommend it to anyone who’s having issues with a PC,  who are looking for an easy to tune up a PC without installing a thing.  That’s a great disk.  I have other live CD’s but this one has a lot of programs that are commonly used by the average pc user.

The other one I have that’s great is something I mainly use to unlock pcs.  Harin’s is great though.

Lastly.. I didn’t post this here..

I’m gonna do another one  soon.


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