Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ultimate Band Recruiting Tool

Folks don't realize that the purpose of online recruitment is to make the requirements for each band public. All recruitment requirements are basically the same everywhere. some schools would rather do Live recruiting, some schools take video. or even Online Live Auditions

Bandhead.org is the Ultimate Recruiting tool. I could say that for other black band sites too. but most of them aren’t around anymore.  Here hou have a Social Network connecting College & High School Students to Directors, Staff and Alumni of these universities. you also have access to a large base of Videos, where these kids can see the bands they desire to be part of.  Or they can read or take part in discussions interacting with the members of these universities.

Although there’s a lot of unnecessary discussion that takes place on these sites.  It’s fairly easy to allow High School students to get the Idea of where they would like to go. The down side is that The Members within' the bands who mess things up for their own. It’s one thing to be brutally honest with folks about the way things really are, You can't get on a site discouraging folks. ….It's Band, Not "Scared Straight"…  The purpose is to Recruit, not scare them into not getting in college band.

At the same time... There's no need for folks in high school  to get online and ask questions like "What kind of Notes do i need to hit to make the band" .. THAT's not the kind of stuff folks should worry about. just Know how to Read music and Play properly. you'll be accepted anywhere.

When I first got on Marchingsport. It was all about interacting with college band members. at that point, I knew where to draw the line when discussing things with them.. Why? because I wasn’t totally knowledgeable of what it is they do.  It’s funny because all the site was back then was a Forum and some photos.  Now you have a social network and folks aren’t using it as it should be used.  But it’s working.

I’ve been on the site for 10 years. and throughout that time we’ve got both good and bad reviews, Folks knock the site all the time. but it’s one of those things that’s lasted because it gives the people what they want.   yeah there have been times where the site had to close things and start over. but generally it does what it needs to do. It’s a positive service to the band community.

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