Monday, April 04, 2011

The Whole Gritty City | A New Orleans Marching Band Documentary

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while but I never really did. I think once I mentioned it in a short blog entry, but this time I’m going to basically talk about why I’m glad this film Exist. But First I’ll  Give you a brief description and  allow you to see The Trailer.

The Whole Gritty City is a soon to be released Film which documents the resurgence of The New Orleans Marching Band Community. The Film Which Highlights Three  High School Bands,  Takes you beyond the Band room and into The every day lives of the students and their teachers as they strive for greatness.

After Watching The Trailer as well as other segments of this documentary. I  Thanked The Director, Richard Barber for the work that he and his crew put in to the work. I told him that this documentary will allow people to understand why We as members of the band community take The bands so seriously, as well as why we function the way we do. I told Mr. Barber that although that I can’t currently make a financial contribution. I do plan on attending the screening because I support it 100%

There was a Kick starter which surpassed its goal. It’s got about over $8.000 past its goal. isn’t that Great!

For us, It’s way more than the Music, the marching and the pageantry, It’s a subculture in its own right.  It’s not about the trophies, It’s about The War! It’s about the Pride & The bragging rights. It’s like fraternal bond we all share due to the things we’ve all experienced.  Music is how we communicate. It’s better than any weapon.  and the end of the day, you live to compete another day. 

I’m glad this documentary is showing The truth on hand of how Bandsmen deal with everyday situations and have to set it all aside to perform. It’s one of the things that allows us to release all that negative energy, turn it into positive energy and let your feelings show through the instrument. .. Makes me proud to still be part of the action. It’s why do what I do and love it.

Check out the website for more info

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