Monday, December 26, 2011

Crazy Set of Dreams

Most of these dreams I had overnight coincided with each other i believe it was 4 or 5 dreams yet 3 of them were fused into 1.

I won’t mention any direct persons name but there were a few familiar faces within these dreams. Here’s basically what happened

Basically in one of these dreams I was walking through my old neighborhood, I saw somebody I knew, so I went in to help out. So I went in to this warehouse setting with the intention that they’d let e keep something, No, they did not, but they accepted my help.  While in there. this place seemed to become somewhat of a Port.. like an Air or Bus Port

While in this port I met a woman who was visiting  New Orleans, unrecognizable to me in reality, she was new, yet she looked like any other slim build back woman, likely in her mid to late 30’s, She wasn’t Halle Berry but she was an okay looking woman with short hair.  Her roll seemed to have been that of a chaperone or Teacher or HS Students parent

We talked and talked, Laughed and talked some more.I don’t remember what the conversation was about. but I know it was fairly playful and flirty on both our parts. Originally I told her who I was, the was like “okay”… but when I showed her what i do, she knew my work (videos and photos) right away and it was all good..

Some of the Students came around and she introduced me as “The Book" to the kids .. “you know that guy who’s video’ you watch all the time.. that’s Him.. The Book” … The students were excited and things… as if i was famous. It was all cool… That is until they started departing …

They all hopped on the bus, I was left with no way to contact this girl, yet she said she was going to follow me on then they all got on the buss and Left….

So I’m once again standing at this  Port/Warehouse…and the dream  fuses back into the hood.. where I’m taking to A girl  Who I do recognize, I can’t say her name. but she’s “Strain my old apartment in the projects… Note: we’re on the 3th floor, yet we’re talking to Martin Lawrence who is directly outside the window) where did that come from? i don’t know..

But basically. It was me and This Girl I recognize.. I’ll call her “Girl #2” since I’ve already mentioned a girl in the beginning … Girl #2 and Myself were getting to know each other more and it started to get Intimate. another girl who i recognize walked in and just stared at me.. Girl #3..A Recognizable chick who obviously liked. But she didn’t say a word. she just called over Girl #2  and told me to stay back… she gave me a look as if our friendship was over… then Them 2 got weird in a gay  freaky way so… I'm trying to stop what was going on.. and in the midst of it.. I woke up…

I really don’t need to know a meaning behind all that. but I think it’s because I was thinking to hard about Girl #3 all yesterday for real though.. and girl 2 is actually somebody who I see alot and is on my twitter timeline. I’m not attracted to her at all. she was just there LOL .. Girl 1 was a grown woman who looked like a cross between any other 30 to 40 year old woman with a dancers body.. lol

I also think part of this dream was just like somebody was telling me yesterday… I have to go Find someone, rather than wait till things happen. because just letting them happen doesn’t always work the way i want it to. People come & Go.. friendships don’t last.. and Close friends even separate from each other without ruining their friendships. yet they know it cant be taken to a point beyond friendship, simply because they’re involved with other people.

This dream just may represent the crazy things that have been running through my mind… things i need to let go.. things that i must live with.. in the end I’m good.. I just hope I don’t have another dream that ends with me trying to stop an evil communication i guess…

At this point it seems that I’ve disconnected from That Matrix.. *Sigh*

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