Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Allowing me to see it all.

In a sense, I’m upset about some of the things  i’ve been told of experienced today. yet in the end of the night I feel good. I appreciate my girl more and more daily. she makes me want to do better for myself. if i could keep her, she’d be my motivation.

aside from that, today I got ripped apart by my mom again in front of her about everything i didn't do. later on my brother came to set in my company. note, this is in the early AM’s ..

It’s Christmas and things. I’m just glad i got to spend some of it with the girl.. I’m seriously feeling her at this moment. it’s like “wow” ya know. That’s all i really can say to it at the moment.  it’s that serious.  I appreciate her for who she is and what she brings to the table as a woman.   I’m not that great of a person but I can learn to be.

yet still, with what i go thru in here, it makes me not want to be here at all.

iono man.. iono.

I’m Out.

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