Monday, December 24, 2012


if you take 6 witnesses of any situation, have them to write a story based on their that situation as they saw it.  Each person will give basically the same details from different perspectives.   Their thoughts on the matter will also be different.. you take all of those stories and  name them "Norman, William, Dennis, Corey, Charles, Morris"    put them in 1 Book and name it "The Witnesses Book" .. you read each story, and although they're all basically the same story over and over you understand that the view point of each writer is different.   How do you determine which story is true to believe?  and would you say that the book is contradicting of a few details about each story is different?

My Point.. The Bible does not contradict itself.  It  Repeats itself.  the writers of the new testament books all  experienced the same thing they wrote their personal experience as well is giving their own thoughts. All of their thoughts & Stories were not said/told by Jesus nor God. The Bible is not contradicting itself, It's YOU not comprehending what's been said within the scriptures.


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