Monday, December 10, 2012

I think I may have reached that point

Earlier today I was going to make a blog Entry basically about how do i introduce her to God, or at least get to know the side of me that is my reason for being. The reason I have the standards I do and everything.  Today, I got that chance to tell some of it for the most part, I know she understood well too.

Although throughout the day I messed with her about some things. We both had a convo about religion which lead to me talking about my denomination.. eventually leading to Personal situations in life.. which is where i stepped in with my side and my believes again. So basically I got a chance to deliver messages of my morality and faith to her in regular conversation without overdoing it.

I guess God Allowed it to happen that way.

We even went to see the movie “Flight” it was great.  That movie lead to other conversations regarding smoking, drinking and drug addictions. She told me about her issues. I respect her for letting me know. and yeah, she once again reiterated my reason for not doing so. She thinks its great.

It’s wild dealing with a woman who’s been through some things in her life. hopefully I could keep her for a while. really.

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