Monday, December 31, 2012

It just might be that.

Situations that have me moving  forward are great. Like I stated I Enjoy this girl, I dislike a few things but I’ve chosen to accept them. I just hope it doesn’t go sour for me. I’ll try to be the best that I can be for her. hopefully it’ll last, because I won’t step aside for anyone.

I think its weird that to many of her folks I’m Just a friend, but its something that I have to deal with at the moment, but we’re seeing eye to eye at this point. because she’s got my heart. she knows it. just too close to be letting anything get in between this. but I understand because it’s so many  others who have been watching and talking. that’s why I’m glad most of what she does remains private.

she has a head on her shoulders and I don’t want to see her fall. I just hope she has enough in her to want to see me to great and with her…

I’m just glad to be out so much, This is the most I've been away from my house in months and it’s good for me to get away. I needed it and I think her for all the time we’ve spent together and will spend together. I can’t see it stopping because of her past. I just don’t want that to fall upon me. 

I believe that as a man. I’m obligated to holding my life and my life only. but a life with a good woman . This is my second relationship ever. for her, it’s a breather, for me It’s an exciting new thing, something I've never had face to face daily. my first relationship was long distance. This relationship was 8 years in the making and now that I have her. I just need to take her and keep her as long as I can.

Ben insisted i pray with her so she can see the real me. I know she understands,  but I think that may have to be the thing. at first All quiet. at this point. It’ll be some time before i can do that seriously with her without playing our lovey dovey games. I want to let her know that I’m serious about her.  that I’m willing to make her part of my life for a long time/ I’ve put so much of her in my heart at this moment til i don’t know what to do.

I’m happy with her.. i can't let this fail.. and although things are all good.. I must strive to keep her. Though God, I can!

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