Sunday, December 30, 2012

Long Weekend, Great Year ahead!

Before this year closes I’d like to just say that I’m happy with myself at the moment and am enjoying the ride.  It’s so much to take in knowing what I know now but I feel that I can make it.. My weekend was great, but at the same time disappointing on a few things. There were alot of missed moments. but I’m glad to have spend the time with her in this fashion.

There are some things that I’m still learning about her and she’s still learning about me, but I appreciate her for who she is no matter how things are.  I feel so good about my life with her at this moment.  I know i must work on my own to make things happen for the better though .. especially in THIS life.

There’s so much I have to do at this point i’ll be busy but I’ve come to terms with the situations. I’ll likely begin working on all of these things in February. Sad to put it off that month but I know I’ll be busy.  Man, Ira is the Stuff.. that’s all i can say

Ira treats me well, I want to someday treat her the same or better. She has things she demands, I personally can’t be that now. but hopefully if she sticks with me, I can do was i need to do to be what she needs. I’m in this for longevity. I just hope she is as well.

There are things that concern me that I can’t speak on at this point. but In a sense  it slightly kills my spirits .  at this moment i can’t hold back any feelings toward her, nor can i be the one to mention those things to her.  Some things are just too tough to let go of when they’re brought up on every occasion or when things are being seen and done.  It’s wild..

I just pray that I don’t have to deal with her issues on that level. 

My Weekend was amazing I appreciate her. but there are things I don’t think I can handle … I know that I must Man Up and take charge of things. but I have no control over what she chooses to do. therefore I won’t involve myself in those things.

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