Friday, December 14, 2012

She Met the Parents

Although my mom practically embarrassed me, I had to go ahead and have it happen. I’m happy she did. her and my mom had a 4 hour conversation. crazy to me. I feel good about this thing though.

It just think  .. that she had no reason belittle me infront of her in regard to cleaning up the house.  She’s never walked in this girls house and doesn’t know how this girl lives. yet she wants to talk bad to me as if i’m dirty.. That girl didn’t even care. the house is not a pig stien. but any thing that doesn’t look clean to her isn’t clean at all.   Okay The floors are dusty. we have dogs.. That’s nice right./. yeah THAT was what i was supposed to do “Sweep”. that’s all LOL! .. she put me on the spot like i was 12 infront this girl. I hate that. but over all. I’m glad she met the girl.

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