Friday, December 21, 2012

Wrote this a few days ago in regard to N.O. Bands

and Bands who tend to use big named parades to Enhance their reputation and for bragging rights to claim greatness.  At this Very Link are the list of bands that provoked me to write what’s said below

Not Targeting the "Great bands of our craft" when i say this but.... I've always had a pet peeve when Bands use events such as this parade to Legitimize their bands greatness. in reality the committee didn't select because they thought your band was "The Best" they just did it because they found your band interesting.
I think its great to be part of the event. it looks great on a bands resume. but your band does not have to be great to be selected.. looking at this list.. its a lot of Slaw who will have an accolade that compares to The Ranks of a St Aug. who deserved to march in a parade like that.
and I'm not "Hating" in any shape or form. I say let them garbage bands get their earn their stripes but They'll never be as great as some of the bands we had or have here now..

.. LOL we need to get every existing hs band in N.O to have videos to submit in 2017 .. we even gon put in a bid for all the Closed schools to march while we at it .. lol ...
You know what would be even better.. If NOASB could march a parade like that with a Band shirt representing every former / current High school band.
i know that's long yall my bad.. i lose my mind when talking about our bands LOL!

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