Saturday, January 05, 2013


Now That It’s a New Year and I finally got me a woman, I must act to to not only to keep her, but to make myself happy. at this point She’s looking for a dude that is financially stable. I know I’m not that dude. but in her words that only means making a steady income to support myself, my needs as well as her.

On my Part. It’s been time to make that happen and I’m long overdue. It would be nice to get hired at Cox. I’ll apply. All i have to do is a resume.  It’s going to be hard to explain to them that I haven’t worked in nearly 6 years. making money doing od jobs for pay.  It’s not necessarily what I’m waiting on. but in a sense i have been waiting for this kind of Motivation.  

We Live in a world where Being is more Valued Than Doing. and In order to BE the man, I must DO things that make me the man that I need to be. Not only for Her, but for myself. at this point. It’s all up to me. ACTION speaks….. you know the rest.

This year I must Act upon everything I said it’d do for Years.  hopefully she can be my motivation.

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