Monday, January 07, 2013

Gotta make it right.

It ain’t everything and that’s truth. at this moment I’ve had a pretty decent weekend but I’m aggravated with myself for the most part.  Maybe things are going that way for a reason. I have work to do today, I also have work to do on some other projects. At this point in my life I understand that what I want and what i need now must be top priority.

I must do for self to do for her. Hopefully It lasts. because with all of her honesty. I can’t see it beyond what she wants out of it. On my part things aren’t working like they should but I believe there’s a time for it all and this time is not my time for that. why me? i don’t know. This morning i had a moment and then a big thought bubble popped in my head… For the most part I’m happier than anything  Maybe I have to give up some things and work on my health. because that’s the only thing that will make things right.

At the end of the day, I’ll know the reason why …..All i have to do is relax and hope it all goes well. I must stop mentioning an end,’fore it’s only the beginning. .I’ve been blessed with an amazing woman, hopefully I can keep her to myself for a long time.

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