Monday, February 04, 2013

All Systems are Go

Today during the Bowl game, I decided to walk out..I began walking to My sister’s  bar, I passed up My Girls house, her car was still there. but assuming she could be out with some random guy,  I kept walking… after making it to my destination of origin. I got a call from her, She wanted to go see a movie. So I checked the times and went over to Ira’s.. We left from there. I was all sweaty from walking.

We went to see the movie “Mama” and we talked about that crazy situation with my sister & bro also.  Seems Like everything’s all good. but I do have some issues with her accepting favors from her Ex Convict. because of that happening on her birthday I’d think she got sex from him. she denies it tough ( no I didn’t ask about that, its just a big assumption)  She claims she was stressed out yesterday and tired which is why she didn’t answer the phone on me.  nor anyone else. yet she HAD to answer the phone for that Ex Convict of hers in order to receive her stolen birthday gift. Sad … I can’t deal with that.

But Overall. We’re still Together and kicking.

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