Saturday, February 02, 2013

And I thought I’d enjoy this day

It’s pretty messed up that I can’t enjoy this time with her, Maybe it’s done with. I’ve been ignored for the past few hours (since i’ve been up) I have no missed calls from her either. I hope that situation wasn’t the end of this really. because at the end of the day. I’m the one who’s getting the shaft. 

It would be messed up if i were to bring random chicks to my house. but I brought the one girl I’ve ever been with this long home and I guess It’s my fault that it’s ruined. I shouldn’t have told her what my sister wanted her to know.  I feel bad, I really just want to get out of here.

The Least she could do is talk to me, come over sometime, I don’t want to break up with this chick during her birthday weekend thats stupid. yes today Is her Birthday and Likely the day I won’t hear from her ever again. ..  I’m tired of being mistreated by folks who want to run my life.

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