Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Problem is

When I tell my sister things, She tends to tell all when she’s mad. and then she tells things to my brother who tends to talk stupid to me as if it concerns him.

Yesterday while I was in here talking to my mom and feeling very sickly. My brother told me that I shouldn’t tell my sister all my business cause she runs her mouth... I told him I don’t tell her all my biz..  so he responds Well what’s this about her ex boyfriend being in jail.  I told him, that I told red that around the time we got together because She asked what was up with the girl and that the dude is not in jail,   .. Its so stupid because  the only reason he knows is because he asked.. smh

On top of that, yeah I SHOULDN’T tell them my biz, most of the time I should remain quiet but when I do just that, everybody acts like I’m holding back. I need people to talk to.. it keeps me from blogging honestly, but I do need people to talk to.

I can’t let anything break what I have..

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