Saturday, February 16, 2013

Here’s My Facebook Cover

Today after waking up, I listened to this Shakira tune that love It gave me the chills Especially the LIVE version, LORD!! that woman! and that song is just SEXY!.  think I listened to it because I’ve got Love on my mind but  that love is fading. Honestly It makes me happy and somewhat sad now to hear it.  At this point I’ve given up on being with  the girl. I really wanted to build something with her, she’s great, she’s beautiful but underneath it all there’s a monster that I can not deal with.
Obtener un Sí by Shakira on Grooveshark

I myself being a hulk fan Decided to use His Image along with the word rage being Faded under the word Tranquility  to represent my Mental State at the moment. I was up all night (yesterday( Writing but I saved the story as a draft.  Same as the 2nd version.  but I did attach a song to the second version which was “I’m Losing You” by the temptations because That’s also How i feel.

My thing is that, Sometimes I feel the need to Hulk Out. but I Remain composed because  that would be breaking Character.

This is a girl who claimed she wanted to build something but she really didn’t she was putting on a front to her family until her Ex-Convict buddy got out of jail. The whole time feeding lies to me as she paid off his bond, went to see him on weekends and accepted many of his calls while with me.  That was very rude but I understand where she stands. It was that way when I stepped in her life. I should have expected it the whole time.

For the most part I’ve been disrespected. I really don’t understand why she chose to be with the guy who Knocked her Out completely and stole all her goods.  I’ve also noticed how she’s shunned me in some ways. Not calling me on those impotent days (VDay and her Birthday).  Really? these are the days she claims a woman likes sex on.. Yet I haven’t been active with her.   Hmm..  See. EXACTLY!   She’s been using me as a front to her family Introducing me as “a Friend”.  Yet my family welcomed her with open arms and she says she likes them. yet I guess she went back to her Old standards of liking dudes who possess the qualities of a thug.

My Facebook Status of the day was “When you see me smiling it's not a facade”

At this point I chose to show now affection toward her, I will not call her. I’ll just let it fade away.  I will not cause turmoil I’ll just let her feel dismissal in progress.

The Book Wins in the end. . 

My Question is, Where are all the good girls in the world? why do they have to disguise themselves Eve was the First Recorded woman to Manipulate and deceive her man. Many women follow in her footsteps.

Like I said, At this point. It’s over on a relationship  tip . I’ll try to remain cool with her though.


(I Know) I'm Losing You by The Temptations on Grooveshark

Note From The Book

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