Saturday, February 02, 2013

I hope things work out

At this point. She feels unwelcomed and it’s possible that we may end up splitting early. I don’t want that happen and i will do anything to prevent that.. I honestly don’t know what else to say to her. My sister called me up this morning fussing at me about Ira’s car being outside basically treating me like a kid over the phone. she wanted me to tell Ira to not be here so late and so on and so forth. So I did.. because of it It’s killed the flame of our relationship.

Basically I’m taking the blame for having her over late which she really doesn’t dp. but at this point, she feels like she’s unwelcomed and she’s beginning to pick up some of her old ways or “standards” which I do agree with, yet i don’t fit any of them.

with that said. On my part i must do for me and no longer care what they think. so what the girl was over here over night. but I didn’t sleep with her. I even tried explaining that to my sister, she acts like she doesn’t want to hear it.

Myself and Ira talked about it multiple times today (feb/1) I really hope that I can find something to do to keep her, because honestly. she doesn’t have to accept me. It saddens me to feel this way but its true.

at this point I just don’t feel like talking so much,

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