Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Should Just Be Quiet Sometimes

You know, In this household, I am always the blame. On my part. I say too much about things that shouldn’t even be mentioned. yet I’m tired of being the butt end of things.  At this point. I’m bound to give it all up. There’s nothing more here to really say regarding that Other than I’ve said too much and I’m learning to not say as much. because all that’s going to do is make folks upset with me.

No Doubt I don’t need everybody agreeing with me, but at the same time it’s like dang Okay Everything’s my fault whether I'm here are not here.. I tried explaining that one to My girl but I made her upset with me due to my wording.  At this point. I know for a fact that I shouldn’t say much to her about things like that because it would cause me to lose her.

I was told “Maybe you should go live with that girl because we cant get anything done when she’s here and we cant do anything when you’re gone” …That came from my lil Brother  I was like Maybe you should go be your girlfriend some times.. He’;s ;ike “SHE DOINT COME OVER HERE” .. .. i repied .. “SO THATS THE PROBLEM?!” …hmm  shows that I’m both the blame and that I’m needed … But that’s the way it is..

I believe It’s just time to get up and get out.  That’s why I should remain

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