Sunday, February 17, 2013

It’s Random Guys & She Says I’m Just A Friend

So I realize that It;s not Her Ex, yet she does still associate with him. It was someone else, the reason I know now is simply because when we were in the movies she revived a text message which stated “It was nice seeing you again” She actually read it while the movie was playing smh as if i couldn’t see it. I saw them big letters.. The Friday Guy was a different guy than the pasta man.  Basically, while she’s supposedly with me, she’s Getting the Biz from other guys.

Now her Cycle is on cause she was padded, That might explain the pregnancy test as well. I may have to let that slide, Yet I’m a guy who doesn’t Know anything about that stot so IMO but it still indicates she’s been having sex..

I’m Slowly moving away from the Affectionate part, It’s very hard., the things that make it easy are the obvious signs she’s given.  We were waiting for a Pageant Mom  to come hand over the CD I made. The Mom says “  Is he your boyfriend” they walked over…  She said Nah Just a Friend.   I shook my head.. But the mom asked “So Where’s your Husband” I Laughed Inside as she tried to brush it off like “girl, iono” expression..

At that point I Sipped my lemonade. and just looked at her. On the slick side, it’s hard. She also has her dad believing she’s only with me.. On another note, we pass her home up and the doors wide open. She believes it was her ex who broke in, yet nothing has been taken. she calls & goes in the sleep.. This is after a few minutes of Crying her heart out.

I didn’t mention that she left her job and was being all “Depressed”  because she had no clue what to do. yet her confidence bursts out when money is to be made, So i just cant Drop her, but at this time I basically told her that It was the reason why I just can’t deal with her, I don’t want to be hurt behind her and her actions.  Because It seems like I’m just another one of her Random Guys,.. Yet I’m the Random Guy she wants to Keep Around. maybe its to USE ME.

Crazy thing is. we talked about JUST THAT on the way to the movies, she wanted to change the subject.. Trying to use entertainment subjects to distract me from what her real motives are.  and  It’ll all be said again soon.

The One Hard thing to do Is say Goodbye, but It’s gotta happen….  I Mean Hey, She has all these friends, The random guys who Call are Just Friends… Two Songs Came To Mind.. Just a Friend by Biz Markie, & Just A Friend By Mario.

Cause We’re Just Friends around other people.. but together we’re all touchy feely. Yeah Right.. I’m Just a friend   or as she says “He’s Just a Friend” …

Just A Friend by Mario on Grooveshark

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