Friday, February 22, 2013

Lowered Expectations | Preferences

Sounds Familiar to me.. yup!

While In the tub earlier I was just thinking about how  chicks, have crazy Preferences & Expectations in a man and mistakes them for High Standards. Yet the truth of the matter is that many women use them to get on her own high horse.  I believe that a person who wants a real relationship will miss out on true love simply because they chose to deal with somebody who either fits exactly what they like and that’s basically Sex, Money and Material possessions.  No Mater The kind of person they really are, nor how they got  what they have, as long as they have it, that’s what they accept.

Basically they Use standards to get what they want, and not to actually have a  true & lasting relationship. They're willing to give up their true standards which is basically their own self worth  to be with anything.. It’s like a woman who will only date a man who has a set career and making a 6 figure salary.  How do you KNOW a person has 6 figures if you’ve just met them? you don’t unless you TARGET that kind of person.

I know  of women who have clamed to have “Dated”  men who’ve got it all. and claim that they’re wanted but the truth of the matter is, they put themselves up for grabs in that way.  What kind of a woman responds to ads of Facebook for sexual pleasures but claims they have STANDARDS..  there’s no way you say “oh I have high standards, I only date the ones with jobs, cars & money” when in truth you’re on the auction block selling your body for  what they’ve got, just Hoping they’ll keep you around.

And then their are those Guys they choose to be with that they claim they’d never date. and they wonder why they’re hurt in the long run..

High Standards are only Crazy Preferences  & Expectations to boost ones own self esteem.  If you truly have standards,  you’d know to  Never expect somebody to just walk into your life with everything you want and need.


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