Saturday, March 09, 2013

Being Deceived | Not Cool

On the 7th of this month, This girl told me she had a Business opportunity to embark on, she was heading to Chalmette after getting a call from someone who she says is her old boss. She asked me to look up IHOP info for the venture, so she can bring to her boss. I hadn’t heard  her voice til the next day.  She came over telling me something. yet she never spoke of what the job entailed.  After asking how’d it go. She told me something about him giving her crazy “big woman” complements.

… please note, this  guy’s an old man with a wife, yet he invites her over after 7pm, she brings him food, or its likely they met up.. She told me as part of a way to confuse me to cover the true story…

Which brings me to Now, I’m with her in a hotel in hammond today, she asked me to check some emails. First I spot a newly created Profile emails. I told her “oh this is she said :its just spam… yet this came in YOUR NAME on you “daughters” email account.. oh and SO Is Paid Porn sites attached to this account.

Back to the story. in an email on the same date. a man asked her if she STILL does Massages, She replied YES whiat kind would you like? There were no replies afterwards, likely because that lead to a phone call.. She likely went to have a one night stand with this guy. Therefore I shake my head.

The reason I don’t have to assume is because the very same day she avoided my calls when I really needed her help. and this is why her days are troubled today.. smh

I hope god brings a female in my life that’s exclusive to me and myself only. I think I’ll have to end this sooner than later..

She keeps bringing up  her ex and how she’s afraid of him and how he’s  comes over to start fights with her.. things I really don’t want to hear because I don’t need that in my life. It’ll be the exact reason I’ll get rid of her..

It’s wild because I like her around me, she seems great, but she has evil in her heart, because it’s totally not with me.  I’m just tagging along being used..  I’m not happy finding these things out, yet they’re true eye openers.  ..

I hope God brings a real woman in my life who has real moral values. and yeah. Lastly. Just a thought: I’ve never received a massage from her. yet its apparently what she does for Money now. smh.


I honestly feel trapped because I’m  enjoying this time.. but I know she aint the right one.   It’ll be over soon.. all it takes is for me to not answer.  after march.. I’m DONE!

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