Friday, March 01, 2013

Funk Slap | Loshoanmarris

A Few Days Ago, I was excited to find online the actual tune played by my High School band It Excited me so I had to let everyone hear it! We Called it “Loshoanmarris” Named after our 3 directors and the director who Previously directed the band. I searched for the tune for years. and all it took was 3 words to find it..

The tune came from Our Directors old Yamaha Keyboard. The listed name of the Demo  “Funk Slap”.  When our Director wrote the Music he gaveus   Untitled Master copies  without letting us hear it . We played the music a number of times and didn’t like it.  He eventually played the Demo for us.  we still didn’t care.  He took the music back until we came up with a name. After Coming up with many names  he gave us the music back Some of the copies were titled “Loshoanmas”  which stood for Lawrence Rawlins,  Shoan Ruffin & Keith Thomas, We eventually asked him to Ad Doc’s name which is Walter Harris’s to the tune   After more crazy Variations we Went with   “Loshoanmarris” as the official name.  On game day we got to play the song and Realized how Massive it was and we loved it! so did the crowd and band community,

Over the years, only a few bands have had the chance to play the tune, One of them even had their own version rewritten based on Kennedy’s band playing it. for the most part it was nice to hear but it wasn’t nail on the head..  Hearing the original tune makes me miss Being in that Kennedy band/ at this point, with me finding the tune, it’s passible that many others will arrange and play as well.

Here are a few clips of Kennedy playing it in fall of 2000, as well as the Original

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