Friday, March 08, 2013

Funny How My Thoughts from yesterday Were reiterated through the mouth of someone else today.

Yesterday I was going to write on Facebook about how some (black) folks grow up more privileged than others. Yet those who are less privileged have a greater neighborhood experience of their childhood. My post was supposed to speak on My own childhood in comparison to Others who may have not had the same experiences I’ve had, but may have come up in a household with a greater income or having been spoiled with certain things they liked as a child to the point to where their experience growing up isn’t as great,

While I was in the store getting something printed today, this woman basically began to speak of some of the famous kids who are treated bad or just grow up to be snobbish because they were better off than most kids financially, so they flaunt it. yet the downside is that they’ve lost their childhood. experiencing playing with other kids on average,

When I heard her speak her thoughts, I felt the same way because I know and am dealing with folks in my life who’ve had the world thrown to them,. yet they don’t have the same kind of life experience nor moral values that I have.  which IMO makes me a better person.

In ,my facebook post, I was supposed to point out how some people send their children off to Private schools, they get Private lessons for Learned Talents. & Etiquette,  They get drivers licences and Cars at 14 & 15,  all because they’re the Successor to a family with a higher income.

Yet someone like me, got the same experiences just by taking part in Everyday Life in my neighborhood or in the public school system.  I may have been blessed in my life to have experienced things due to my skills taking me there. but I’ve never ben the Heir to anything that’s been bestowed upon me.  Yet my experiences with my Peers, I value. as compared to those who may have Had Money in their lives and have Gotten or Dropped friends constantly.

There are those who “HAVE (or HAD)  THIS & THAT” because they were granted and their are those who worked hard for it. some folks only way out of the hood were through their Experiences coming up with folks in the hood .. Others have parents who are College Professors, Doctors, Lawyers (or even big ballers lol)  and are deprived of a LIFE outside of Themselves.

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