Thursday, March 14, 2013

I knew it exactly, but my question is should i confront her

Here’s what she sent to her her alleged Ex which she still deals with. ..

Look I know I love you and I can only hope you love me too but I can't make you in to the man I want I can only ask of you what I know you can do and that's all I'm sorry I can't be miss everything that's not me I'm little miss f up so I  will let you go thanks


She Sad part is, she technically got back with him undercover and is probably with him now (at the moment) tonight we’re supposed to be heading to see Oz, I’m not with her. and she’s not accepting my calls. this has happened countless Thursday so its nothing new to me

She told me her daughter likes ,me. Cool right.. yeah.. but hey I’ll have to give all of that up due to her doing that to me. It’s just not cool.

As much as Love her has a person, I know that she’s internally the woman I need to be with.

And with things like her that letter she sent to her ex. Obviously it’s.. because they obviously are currently together.. That’s pretty messed up that I’m not the only one. I think it’s funny though because I knew that times , dates and whereabouts didn’t add up.

I try to be good to her and she’s constantly messed me over.  Maybe she should be with him. maybe I need to move on.

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