Monday, March 04, 2013

Old School Raw Wasn’t really old school

For the most part, you had a few old schools stars getting TV time, but otherwise the majority of them Especially the ones who are always around Tend to get messed over. The whole, Hacksaw, Dusty & Slaughter portion of the show should not have happened.

The Million Dollar man’s segment was okay, So was flairs .. But it wasn’t anything to be Woo’d about.  The better segments which IMO could have been better was Honky Tonk Man’s and the Birthday segment.   Aside from that. The New Age Outlaws match was the only thing worthy of  having an Old School Raw segment. why? because they actually had a real match. otherwise. the majority of the show wasn’t really “all that”.

In My Opinion. many of these old school stars are seen on TV too many times a year to actually be “shocked” about their return for One Night.  They could have brought out The Godfather, Kurggan,  The Headbangers,  The DOA. The Truth Commission, or some people who just don’t show up much like Val Venis , Rico, Polumbo,  D-:Lo., Rodney Mack. People who were in the biz at least 10 years ago. whether it be WWE, WCW or ECW guys ya know.. That’s just how I feel!

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