Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, After a long weekend I’m finally home

Seems like alot of work goes in to that pageant stuff. it’s crazy. I think its a shame that I’m dealing with this, I think that eventually I’ll get away from it all. really. I honestly don’t know how to get away from ther though. It’s hard. her presence is so deceptive! AH! ..

My issue is that she’s a cheater and she plays the game so raw that she makes it seem as though she’s not. then she reveals obvious truths to me It’s crazy..

I over heard her talking about alleged  past problem in Present form, as i was awakening from my slumber.  The first time she spoke of her ex as being so bad for her and that she found me and has been with me and i’m so awesome.. and that her daughter likes me. she also told her that i worked with her dad and all that goodness. Great right…

The next story to another woman which came later was simply in reference to her Past problem in current form and that I’m Just a Recourse for assistance. Or as if i’m not Exclusive in a relationship with her.. That makes me feel unwanted and disrespected. This is why I also accuse her of cheating … not only because I’m assuming. but because she’s told me about how she “was” or “Is”.. crazy right? yeah!

it’s hard man…

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