Monday, April 22, 2013

Although I didn’t want to

I had to reveal it to her, now she doesn’t trust me as much. We had a very long conversation about it after I told her what I knew. It needed to be said though. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but after all of that bottled up in my system I needed to let it go.

I may be wrong for doing what I did as far as going through her Email. she said she didn’t think I would stoop low. and That was her private business to know and I’m and A-hole because of what I did. Yet she also took blame because I was not lying.

Honestly I should not have done that. to her. She says she wanted to tell me what she does, she also was bound to let me know the other day.  I explained to her that In her best Interest I think she should stop. doing it, yet I can’t tell her how to live.

All in all I understand her pain but she didn’t understand mine. All we need is to talk and be honest with each other for real. I never stated that I wanted to lose her because I don’t want to lose her. but as I was out of my mind I had to let her know what I know.

I did not like having to do that to her,  and Although I was called an A-Hole for Disrespecting her Privacy. I think that this conversation was worth it. I ruined her day and probably her week but she’s a strong woman that I can not break. She told me that it broke her for the moment but I know she can bounce back..

I The Book care for Her, We care for each other.  Maybe it’ll end, maybe we’ll work it out. We’ll talk someday again. I know she wants to clear her mind.. I apologized to her for that, she also did to me for Not letting me know about that.  Yet I understand where she’s coming from. I’m  glad we had that conversation. I just want to see her happy and not get  caught up I don’t want  her to be hurt..

I just hope that she can trust me again. It’s hard but I love who she is as a person and I’m glad I have her.. as for now do I? iono

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