Sunday, April 21, 2013

Her New Ringtone

After today and how she did me in her own house, yeah LOL! Man this girl is a trip!  but I love her .. really.. LOL! I dislike her ways, I dislike that she’s  dishonest with me as well.  saw more evidence that she’s being out with one of her craigslist guys too. Shamrock is where she hung out and won a big tiger with some random guy. All of them to her are her exes. smh  I saw the Receipts in her car LOL I should have taken the,

So Yeah, you know what… Today, She cried, she claimed its because she’s uncomfortable.. she didn’t even want me to touch her beyond scratching her head.
she basically acted like she didn’t want to be bothered with me after I came to her house.  I should have left. smh.

anyway. That song.. PERFECT! its gonna be her ringtone LOL

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