Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It’s Amazing the Things I See

I think its funny that it just happens to be this way. Maybe if I just Ignore everything I’ll be alright. All I have to do Is Watch how everything unfolds. I guess I get no answer because its not my call I only think its funny cause I asked her to go out. Most likely I’ll be lied to before the night is over.

Making plans with another man, That aint cool.. that’s what she does on her own time. I devote my time to 1 persons other than myself. for me that’s part of what makes relationships work.

maybe she’s busy. Maybe she’s sleeping Maybe She’s out Creeping but that’s on her
Should It matter to me. Are we still in this thing? I Really don’t know but it’s messed up.  I Text, No Answer, I Call, No answer,  I just get calls when you’re in need For the most part All I want to do is Talk.  Crazy right? yeah..

I’m out.

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