Friday, May 31, 2013

A Specific Subject Surrounding The BANDS & Extra Curricular Activities

At the BESE meeting Wednesday, there was a parent from Landry who spoke her mind regarding the LBL-OPW Band trip to Atlanta as well as the I believe that her concerns shouldn't have been spoken about in this meeting. it should have been discussed with  The Directorial Staff of Both Landry & Walker.

This woman basically stated that She didn't get permission from for her LANDRY student to be bused to WALKER and that she also disagreed with Walker Students / Staff Hanging on LBLs campus TAKING OVER their programs..  She then mentioned that she received a permission slip that came from WALKER, for the UNIFIED SCHOOLS trip to ATL that she DID NOT want to sign because Her child Does not Attend WALKER! She ALSO mentioned something about her she didn't like how Landry's Students were Used to Play in a Funeral or something Without Parents Permission... (i assumed she was talking about when  B Franklin passed)

Obviously This Woman doesn't  know how  Our  bands  Have worked with each other and how theirs no  "DIRECT" Permission needed  for many of these events; because Once you sign for band. That contract is basically that You're scheduled to perform whenever there's a Performance. This woman basically Brushed walker & their staff off as being an Unsafe Hostile Student Body.

She Should Also Realize that OPW Did NOT have to make the move to UNITE with Landry's band THAT trip was supposed to be a WALKER trip and her Landry child probably wouldn't have EVER seen ATL. because that was a WALKER Bound trip Long before the Schools began to Unify.

With that said...

IT took For Big T. Davis and Another Coach to Explain What was going on at the schools, basically Being that Walker's Building has been put on the  SWING SCHOOL BLOCK with 3 Months Til school starts  WALKER and the  ACSA  have taken the proper steps to  Assure that these students are being properly United Prior to this Pending Merger..

Prior to That.. Coach Skip as well as Others mention the Violence among some of the students. as a reason they shouldn't merge, Yet the students that are On those campuses Practicing on the campuses are not our Street Thugs, these are the ones Who WANT something out of their life... yet we DO understand the drama that Alumni and Disgruntled people from Different Sets, Cliques and Hoods may bring to a school.. That element is in  EVERY school.

Skip Know that at the same time he's a Coach and HE knows the STUDENTS will get along because he has coached them all. That shouldn't be the MAIN Reason the schools Shouldn't Merge.  The REASON these schools shouldn't merge is simply because Our Pride for Our schools are a selfish Pride, we don't want Our names, Colors & Mascots Tampered with .. THAT's where the PRIDE is and that's where LANDRY IS STRONG at...

NOW with that said.. Although nearly EVERY PERSON in that building  was AGAINST the Merger. The BOARD was UNSURE of what to do.. So They Delayed to Give a Direct answer til the next Meeting..
As i Stated Before, Big T Davis once again Had to Clarify the reason ACSA and Walker did their Part to Move the Train because RSD and BESE have not Given them the CLEAR ANSWER YET NOR THE FUNDING TO HOST WALKER AS A SINGLE SCHOOL  and Until the Next Meeting we will not know for sure what's bound to happen..

the RSD wants to use Walkers campus as a Place SWING SPACE,  While "Landry-Walker" is Merged .. WHY NOT KEEP THE SCHOOLS SEPARATE.. Well, Pat. Dobard Never Answered that Directly.. He's Trying to follow a Master-Plan that HE has the Option To Delay and Do what is RIGHT by keeping those schools separate.  But He’s beating around the Bush when all The Community wants is a DIRECT ANSWER.

Until Then, These schools are practicing as one unit so that they can SURVIVE as one init... I Personally am Against The Merger,  But I Do Understand that Walker is doing their part to move Forward FOR THE KIDS..

ON ANOTHER NOTE:  As a former Student  & Bandsmen at JFK, a School that NEVER had a chance to come back,  and a member of the NOPS All Star Band during a time where the city was violent as HELL, I believe that WE as bandsmen PERFORMING AS ONE helped STOP a lot of Violent activities within Rival schools because those students saw that  Our Bands  & Football Teams could perform as one unit. They can All get along.

YES OUR STUDENTS KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE.. Yet That Doesn't Mean That We should Take Away from Our Communities Or MERGE a School Because of Limits that one School system has over another who just may want to move forward.

And Lastly. There is a group of The untamed guerrillas Who ARE out for Blood, and at this Point you might as well that Its because Public Schools have failed them..  But they are not the Threat TO Public Education, The Threat TO Public Education  Are the People In Control of the MONEY. This goes back to Governor Bobby Jindal and the folks He Put in Place to Hold Steak to those funds... I'll leave it at that..

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