Thursday, May 23, 2013

According to My Instagram

Since I started Instagram I haven’t blogged any pictures at all. So in this post I’ll give a description  regarding certain pictures and time frames.


1.  When I went to DC.. I didn’t have instagram then, so these a  few of pix I uploaded FIRST!


2. My Girl  looking for me at Barnes & Noble.

We also had coffee that day…which I didn’t like much but I sure was WIDE AWAKE! I’m not a coffee guy.

Her Daughter at Lemonade day.  hiding from me. as if I don’t see her face.

This brings me to the Week AFTER which was Hectic LOL! but I’ll leave that alone. Photo shoots of pageant kids..| made some good connects tho.

3. Equipment.

This Camera was $180.00, great features yet Faulty.

I also received some other EQ with in, such as a light & Grip as well as the X grip.  which is next to it.. The stuff I got for my cam I’ll show a bit below. but its not much. Shew I didn’t even post when I received my battery grip at all. so hey. That’s how you know I don’t blog as much smh.


4. This Pic is Katrina Related. The House next to mine has crumbled PURPOSELY over time smh. Neglect and Dismay! lol terrible.


5. Graphically Speaking

I made the one to the left representing my frat, To the Right is My New Logo bringing back the Crosshair

Although I made this one months ago, It represents my old elementary in a since that we had a very similar emblem … To The Right, My Version of that All Stars Logo

This one I created to mimick my middle schools logo


Doing CHARI-T Work lol
My old work buddy “hired” me to do these graphics for her site, like daily inspirations.


5 Graduations Attended and unattended

My Nephew came out of Elementary School 8th grade. My Niece also Graduated, this is her Prom pic though, I took this one.


6. I found This Humorous while on twitter , although Racist.

7. Recent Pic of my old neighborhood.

this is building is connected to a set of landmark buildings that will soon be grounds for  a school.

7. I don’t remember saying I was gonna do a Documentary about marching bands. Well.. yeah, with the school these guys direct at.

8. In Houston for my Sister N Laws Graduation.

I Foursquared a pic too, of her.
Here’s Janae.. who used to be on the sport!

Congraswoman Sheila Jackson Lee spoke GREATLY!.

This is the bus stop in route to their place. as well as to MYTIBURGER!

I was so glad to be there! I haven’t had it since 2009 So I was longing for it!. Turns out the woman who owned it took all her Coke Collectables after she left. yet it’s still a historic place In My Book. because it represents what used to be and what still can be. I love it.  And they gave me 2 extra pies with no charge! YAY!.

Below, we were heading to church. at Lakewood

My Brother’s a Councilor there now.


9  and lastly… EVERYBODYs On Path.. EVEN WALDO!! LOL but I’m not lol

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