Thursday, May 30, 2013

After Attending the BESE Meeting At Cohen Wednesday

        I have a view Myself from what I witnessed, heard and recorded there. I’ve realized that lots of things were touched upon regarding the subjects of Money being accounted for, School Closures, Building Renovations, Relocations and Mergers. The Meeting was very long and at times got Hostile. yet this time around I believe that the voices of the people were heard, and  All the BESE board has to do is have the RSD Redefine this Master Plan  so that Schools such as Walker & Landry (which were the MAIN discussion of the night) to Remain at SEPARATE locations. Not 2 schools out of 1 building, nor 1 school with a hyphenated name. That’s Not what the people want.

        From what I see, what the people overall really are TRULY demanding is `not just a stop to Patrick Dobard. but to eliminate the RSD altogether due to The failing Scores and the lies that are being told before the people as well as the BESE representatives.

Although I didn’t attend Neither Landry nor walker I understand the value of both schools historical legacies and why students and alumni would like them to remain separate. and I believe they all forced the full BESE board to understand their Pride and their Pain and the LEGITIMATE reasons why the Merger just cant happen..

The Representatives from ASCA, God Bless him for he does not Understand Our communities Yet he IS trying to do what HE believes is a great thing for the schools. And I for one believe that he IS partially trying to Help establish what CAN work IF the Merger takes place..  Yet the Landry and some Walker students/staff still don’t Agree.

Because of this as well as some unified Programs happening on Both Campuses.. A number of Parents and school staff spoke their minds on dp,r Issues, Such as one parent who mentioned The Band Trip the unified schools took to Atlanta, The parent said that she did not grant permission for her child to be bussed from Landry to walker nor to be placed at Landry while Walker students and staff are “Hanging Around” . as well as the Permission slip for the trip being issued by "the Unified school and not “L B Landry” itself. 

I personally felt that That parent didn’t have to bring that to the BESE. all she had to do is bring that issue to the Band Directors and Leadership of Both Schools who Agreed on that issue.  At the same time That was a WALKER trip that WALKER actually was supposed to go to themselves. but they accepted the Landry name as part of their Identity for the trip which would benefit all Students. The parent seemed to be against it simply because of the Unification rather than thinking of the fact hat the child may have Wanted to Attend the trip to Atlanta because Landry never got that opportunity to attend  the Atlanta Battle in the past.   .. I know she was a concerned parent but IMO she just doesn’t understand how these kids DO work.

At the same time They could have still went to Atlanta as WALKER only without the Landry kids.. that would have been unfair to Landry’s kids because they’re well deserving of that trip.

To My Knowledge the As Big T. Davis stated as well, that WALKER is not there to Take over, yet Because they ARE Being pushed out of their building and they KNOW the next move,  they are taking abrupt action because School begins 3 months from now. and they know that The Master plan states that Walker wont Be housed  in their own building.

With that said.. Unlike Coach Skip talked about The Gang Activity among the Youth.. Big T. Davis denounced those comments Directly by stating that the students DO get along. which IS true. yet to MY understanding as a whole,  The kids in Extra Curricular activities will ALWAYS get along even Within Rivalries.. It was That way BEFORE KATRINA so there is no problem with bring the students together who are willing to be part of the same Unit.. I

mean hey We’ve had ALLSTAR City Bands and All Star Football teams  in the recent past so we KNOW the Extra. Curricular kids can get along. They are kids who are Passionate about something that Takes them Beyond the Boundaries of their school   They’re not the Street Thugs, maybe they WERE POTINTIAL Street Thugs yet they’ve Strayed away due to the Programs where Great leaders are Doing their jobs.


I think that Big T should have Clarified that the students he and The Walker/Landry crew are working with just Do get along because they have a common bond WHICH WORKS!

No Doubt I do Disagree with the Buccaneer Riding a Charger  is not that great of an Emblem yet it does still keep the names & mascots clear and intact.  But They HAD TO DO SOMETHING for these Kids in the summer..

I’m really not a fan of the name Hyphenations but I do feel that  what was done was just walkers way of accepting what the system has thrown at them for the past 4 years ..

It’s The PRIDE of Landry Alumni they just cant Take Lord Beaconsfield Landry’s name being aligned  Oliver Perry Walkers Name. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT ..  not only from that standpoint,  but I believe they’ve got to keep that Rivalry a Rivalry. whether it be via academics or sports. Both schools are great separate and should remain that way.

The BESE board has heard it countless times, the people demanded A DIRECT ANSWER  all they got is a motion to defer the answer to a later date so they can clear up some things in the master plan which involve More than 2 schools. and honestly this is all because  Patrick Dobard  did a lot of Beating around the bush, giving indirect answers and  even used the term TAKING OVER when taking about handing over the keys of Landry;s building to Walker.

Of many things,  Dr. Eric Jones got on the Mic and admitted his faults in the fight, and how he was playing a role on both sides to see what may be Best for the schools, yet the more he sided with one  group, More people came against him, he even stated that his Family  being some of those people. and I understand that.  Mr. Jones knew that was right,  he was just hoping that the Right Money gets in place for these kids. With   the Pride he witnessed in that room and beyond he KNOWS what is right. He shed Tears pleading that The BESE do the right thing. I respect Dr. Jones for even admitting his own faults.

Nearly EVERYONE in that building  last night wants a separate school  It should remain. that way.

Patrick. Dobard Got Drilled last night. I think he should do the RIGHT thing for these people and do his part, talk to the ASCA guy and tell Walker to keep their school building. and Delay or REVISE that Master plan so that it wont hurt the OPSB , the ASCA ,nor the RSD students. and the BESE should BRING IN THE MONEY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! That’s all that matters.

There was much more, I will have it all in video for the web real soon. I know I’m not the greatest writer in the world, but I do have an opinion.

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