Thursday, May 16, 2013

I See More than what she thinks I see.

Last week when I came here to her house (where I am at the moment working on music) she had this weedhead boy in here Lighting Incents.. At that moment I spot in an ashtray what looks like weed.  This dude’s been over here since Last Thursday and she allowed him to smoke in her home. She smoked with him. HE TOLD ME this Voluntarily.

See, If I cant tell her how to live o what to do in her own house but She’s made Weed Brownies and I guess she assumes I have no clue what that is… I went in her microwave to warm some chicken.. She Jumps up and says “Don’t go in there" . cause the aluminum…. I said .. I already removed it… she was like “Don’t eat that okay”.. im like OKAY Im good on that… Smh.. I’m not dumb chick…  She’s been in here intoxicating her mind with that filth and thinks its cool.. and assumes I just don’t know.. I tried to tell her that I know she smoked with the dude but she hung up because I told her I was going somewhere .. she claimed she was heading to sleep.. and Ironically she received like 10 txts while on the phone with me .and had a nerve to have me on speakerphone .. smh..If she really thinks im gonna stick around after this pageant. she’s trippin.. I cant live with a person who lives lies ..

You cant let your MAN in the kitchen ..but Lil Weedhead can? smh… Maybe it was because of the brownies.. lol ..what a shame..

She’s terrible..for doing me how she did..  Yesterday I refused to call her because she needed me and she held it off to smoke with these guys… She probably gave him the goods at this point .. basically he’s here to “help her clean up” … I see her underwear on the ground next to this plug im using.. I cant put it past her at this moment..

She constantly lies to me when im 100% honest with her.. It’s why she cant get things done. 

I’m gonna Get out of this soon…

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