Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Reaction to Amanda Berry & Gina DeJesus’ Rescue

Initially I had no clue what went on, but this morning while on Instagram. I saw photos of memes created of the Her Rescuer’s face comparing him to the Barber from “Coming to America”  Later on I saw the Video of him from Their Chanel 5 News where he talks about what he did.  and I thought that was amazing no matter what folks have to say about how he looked or sounded to in the interview.

After reading more on the situation and watching web broadcast from previous years of Amanda’s possible Search. all I can say to the whole situation THANK GOD they were found alive and well. Because the videos I saw, they were looking for dead bodies.

It’s messed up what Their folks had to go though trying to live with no true sense of Closure, now you have a Closed case on one hand, yet a whole new Case involving The Kidnapper and what he did for a living. I honestly want to see how that unfolds because  as a School bus driver, for many years Many kids were unknowingly endangered while under his watch.  This whole case amazes me.

Charles Ramsey Deserves that Reward money and then some. 

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