Monday, May 13, 2013

My Thoughts on the Mothers Day Shooting

Following that story of the Sunday shooting where 18 people were injured, I haven’t seen anything as of late, but I know that a few of my Friends were hurt, babies were hurt and mothers were hurt all on Mothers day.   That news spread like wildfire, I posted on facebook to one of the threads on the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy theory site basically saying that Although it’s an unusual thing, It’s still no different than the same amount of people being hurt in a 3 week period here.  and that’s Not trying to Lighten the up what happen, but it’s a reality that This city’s plagued with Violent Crimes.

There’s been Surveillance of the shooter running away.  hopefully they capture that guy because what he did was just plain evil.  Looking at the Video clips and still frames you can see Babies ducking for cover. THAT SHOULD NEVER BE.  Some friends of mine are posting updates regarding our other friends  I Pray that their recovery is speedy and that no other problems with their health come about due to this matter.

I also pray all persons in this matter, even the person who was shot 6 times, God Help Him, the mothers and the children especially who were hurt  or affected by this.. We need to Wake Up New Orleans.

Lisa P. wrote on her facebook about how it’s tragic that this tragedy is not the first to happen on a Mothers day and that  It’s become a day of somber now due to the fact that she’ll never forget that her friends were shot on this day as well as 3 years ago where our boy B. Franklin was killed on Mothers day.  It’s heartbreaking to know of it all, but It’s worse when your friends are victims.

All my Boys in TBC and the other Brass bands who were there are safe, but they lost instruments due to them being damaged heavily. I hope these guys receive new instruments soon, they’ve good gigs to play back to back.

Stop The Violence, Deny Ignorance.

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