Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robins Words Regading Folks who Don’t Know NOLA

A Friend of mine wrote This Via Facebook:

People who not from New Orleans really think they know New Orleans. Ya'll have no idea.
It's different from everywhere else. It's not like Detroit and it's not like Chicago. Yes, these two cities are violent as all get out but, per capita, New Orleans averages almost 15 more murders per 100,000 than Detroit and Chicago. And average of 250 per year since the 90s.
You tell us to stop talking about Katrina but you don't understand the after effects. It goes well beyond FEMA checks and trailers. We have kids who are now growing up and raising themselves. They never received any treatment on how to deal with the tragedy. We have a Governor who has his sights on a presidential bid and is involved in Prisons for Profit businesses. You have a school system that sold our kids out (remember, they are called HUMAN CAPITAL) and a Senator who is going around blatantly lying about how much the schools in New Orleans have improved under charter systems.
We have no good jobs here because big companies don't feel that we have the education level that is sufficient enough to do the jobs they have available. The state charges too much in taxes so they find a cheaper place.


I Agree 100%

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