Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update Beyond Memory

Aside from myself listening to Pandora at the moment I wanted to sit here and give a load of unnecessary Updates. Ever since I joined all these social sites, I’ve been Blogging Less & Less. I should Incorporate them all to here though. It would be greater.

For Example, I’ve been Updating all my Google services to align them properly with G+.  There are a load of chrome related apps I recently incorporated into services such as or Dropbox  for cloud services.. I think it was called Cloud lite or something for chrome. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m trying to do more with my Multimedia Thing, Getting Incorporated or something. I may be able to only get trademarked to avoid the taxes. I’ve been racking up on equipment. at this point everything I do is on sale. No more freebies. Prices will always vary. I have so much on my plate I gotta make it all happen.

I gotta stop instagramming these updates only and throw them on here too!.
I even got new hushpuppies, didn’t instagram that. I’ll blog about that next tho..

first I’ll go find an instagram to blogger plugin! lol

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