Friday, June 07, 2013

I aint a jealous dude but

There are too many guys walking in and around her house. I mean, they aren’t bad people but they just seem to pop up and she lets them in.  No doubt I Understand what's being done but it’s still not that cool.

I went over to her house to do pix,  I walk in, It smells like weed, home smells like weed.  She walks in to the room with the random guys and they’re sleeping.. she rushed in because she knew children were going to be in her house and she didn’t want it smelling that way.

So, I set my stuff up to take pix as she made breakfast. these kids come over. and the constantly two guys in the room began are walking in and out.  no doubt they’re Working on something, and they’re living with her at the moment, but basically they’re smoking up a storm.  she also make them clean up her house.

So I’m over there taking the pix, Her Daughter walks in to the room that’s supposed to be hers, she walks out and says “Mommy who’s that man in the bed”  .. chick says to her 7 year old daughter “Close that door and Mind your D@%$ business”  all I could do was shake my head.

After the day was over,  I start shutting down my EQ, as they helped her clean up.  lol they come thru that sucka lookin’ at me crazy. They were also there when her dad came over.. they were leaving the house but still,  I don’t know what HE thought of that but it just was what it was..  I only associated with one of the guys cause I know him..  .. after I left, they eventually went to go hang out..  on top of that one of the guys she has living there, she calls him her “son” the dude is 17… oh and she walks around in no Panties on average..  with that said .. I have no issue with having  her friends. I just think its weird that so many guys walk in and out of her house daily.  That makes me look bad IMO.

I’m not a Jealous guy, but I don’t want to seem like a Random Guy who comes over for Booty cause that isn’t what I'm here for.

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