Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Entry’s Below Part 3

More January seen on my personal Facebook Page.
many of these were pure band comedy IMO

  • 2 chainz got everybody claiming they're "Different" These are the same people who have tattoo's of a Flaming Lotus Flower due to a song Wale made about Vagina
  • You got 3 dependents and they all wearing pampers... Come get the max back at joe blakk tax – Mystikal
  • during TSU band camp there was Ham Flavored Donuts and Water Eggs for Breakfast.. and Apples Galore . okay i'm lying
  • My Crabname was almost "Mankind" at Kennedy smh
  • Who was more influential? Cyrus or Lord Humongous? lol
  • I started calling Folks "Kinfolks" after i went to Dallas for the State Fair Classic .. some dude came up to me like "Aye Folk, Aint'chu uhh.. That folk from Marchingsport?" LOL I said "yeah, Book" .. he said "AYE FOLK! I’M IN THUR KINFOLK!"
  • TSU's Drum Majors were called Third Coast Outlaws, it changed to 3rd Coast Outcasts .. Now they're called "Third Coast Dreamcast"
  • at TSU there's an Accent of Every note and it sounds like "Aye Mayn"
  • at SU the "p" on the staff means Fortissimo
  • I remember being at a BOTB and Dr Greggs got on the Mic and said "I'm the reason all these bands are here today" lol
  • Jackson state will do a good field show next season lol
  • Next season, The Ocean will be walking on water ..
  • Next season Mississippi Valley will wear red spats........
  • next season SU's gonna wear Short sleeve Band jackets and say they Invented it first
  • I remember 2 weeks before SU got Hybrids Sousaphones . i wrote SU has New Tubas" and their alumni plotted on Blocking me because they felt that I knew too much about what goes on in their program. the funny part is that Everybody from there was posting "The Horses are Coming" all over facebook.. Somebody asked me "Who told you we got new tubas" .I'm like dawg Yall keep Stating the Obvious.. I'm just Revealing what may be sublime to the blind .. lol
  • glad to have gotten a chance to listen to Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornel West Speak live & direct
  • so yall christians give God 1 hour a week? smh
  • The Obelisk in D.C. is supposed to be in honor of George Washington. yet it could be for worshipers of Baal i mean hey when the thing lights up at night it has an Illuminating Red EYE ...
  • "Taking Pictures aint a real job" - My Brother
  • Believe it or not.. in the "Thriller" video .. the "Thriller" movie they were watching in the bigining was supposed to be taking place in the 1950's lol
  • Sheila E. Glamorous Life


  • PRIVATE PYLE! | Full Metal Jacket Jody’s
  • i need some mental nutrition in my life lol
  • It would be very appropriate if one of these Mcdonogh schools were Renamed after Elliot Willard.
  • New Orleans BOUNCE would have been a better name than PELICANS
  • that random thought when they taught us that native Americans gave smoke signals for communication purposes ... What if all they were really doing was Burning Trash? Lol
  • KWAME TURE on Passive Boycotts. | I agree for the most part

  • Future Post: in 2013 grown women were naming their kids Nicki Rose and Amber Minaj
  • lol all my pants are different versions of khaki LOL! thats why i refuse to buy new khaki's LOL!
  • whats up with these extra colorful School shirts? I saw a red SU shirt.. i was like Why? is it Blood Awareness Month? lol
  • Now days bands hey Prepare for specific events and not for their own greatness. they be on bandhead like "is JSU Coming This week?" when its confirmed hold a PSA in the bandroom " We Need Everybody to Come to Practice This week"
  • they don't talk about Jesus' teenage years in the bible because he spent all that time taking up Yoga...
  • Egypt is a country in Africa, i don't know why folks think otherwise.
  • I was a proud citizen of Sesame Street Back Then, Imagine That.

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