Friday, June 28, 2013

The Walker-Landry HS Merger is Final

I was supposed to post this maybe a week ago but…..

The Merger has been made Final for the "Lord Beaconsfield Landry - Oliver Perry Walker College & Career Preparatory High School"".<--- Extremely Long School name
Home of the Charging Buccaneers

The School will be located at the Lord Beaconsfield Landry Educational Complex. as the OPW campus will be officially used as "Swing Space" which means the building will be housing Other RSD schools while their official campuses are either renovated or rebuilt.

There have been school mergers all over the state. for years long before RSD. even in Texas ..why? because some school systems just cant afford to maintain 2 buildings and 2 student bodies.  In other cases, disaster struck and they rebuilt 1 school to house the students of former schools.

I realize that At this point, schools and traditions of schools don't last beyond 40 years, so when change comes, some times accepting that change is hard; but we must move forward let History Be acknowledged in Memory and move on.

Believe it or not.. This School Merger with Landry vs Walker only Adds to a Greater history for both schools. whether they remain Merged or if they ever separate again.

On a side note, I personally believe that Both Schools Spirit Songs  Should remain in place. yet Unifying tradition to build up something greater.

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