Saturday, June 01, 2013

Things I Probably Didn’t Blog About In January Part 1

This entry will start a series of Entries based on Facebook Posts I’ve Made from January til Now..  I may have to Split it in Parts maybe by 20 to 25 Items to keep the Entries Shorter.  With that said, Lets go

Some I’ll give an explanation for or expound on, Others may not need any.


  • Don't Walk with the Beast.

This may Have been stated by me in light of watching a few TV pastors and their different message based on bible verses.  and  Generally that messege was “Don’t Walk With The Beast”    That was like my first post after “Happy New Year” lol


  • Little Shop of Horrors
Photo: Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors! I gotta see if this is on NETFLIX!

It Probably Still isn’t on Netflix

  • smh shout out to all the dirty people who havent taken a bath since last year.. lol

Hey It was January 1st.


  • Global Impact:  Angle vs Nagata

One of the greatest things to ever happen with TNA Wrestlingt was the New Japan Pro Wrestling Event.

  • That Classic Gospel | Prayin’ Time – Dorothy Norwood
  • folks think its funny when i say i'm a Band Enthusiast .

They Do!

  • Pix Ira Posted of her daughter after the first photo shoot I took



Part 2 .. Soon
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