Saturday, June 01, 2013

Using a Mac for the ..2nd time in many years

So over the week i got a chance to really sit down got a feel of using Mac. and to me. the biggest difference between a Mac PC & a  Windows PC is how (and any other PC) is BASIC NAVIGATION and HOTKEYS .. because once you get to the necessary programs you need to be in, you're good.  Otherwise the Programs that you Buy and Install on your systems are going to work EXACTLY the same as they do on ether system.

I remember some fool telling me that There was No "Right Click" on a Mac... I knew that was a lie because already because I've used Old School Mac's in NOCCA Prior to The Mac's Popularity...  yet the Mac's of today are totally different machines. What was "New" to me is that realizing that Itunes is basically the Gateway to everything on a Mac LOL! ..

With that said .. Linux based systems are Great..  If you think I'm lying Go download a Ubuntu & Fedora Linux based LiveCD's and load them sucka uip They function like a across between Windows & Mac's In fact.. If you have a Chromebook or an Android device .. THAT is LINUX.  if you didn't know that..   you've learned something today..

You're Welcome …LOL
- The Book

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