Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Haven’t Blogged In A Minute

There have been many things since the last time I blogged. I’ll only touch on a few In this post, or possibly a series of posts.

at this point. My Brother and Sister in Law have come to town and gone, Their baby shower was a success, their day afterwards was great although we missed church. I’m very happy for them and proud of them. I have work to do on their pictures, I also have to go to Walgreens to pic some photos up. from some Maternity shots I did of my sister in law.

They liked the photos My brother didn’t like the photo so much.LOL. Mr. Ford (our old Music Teacher/Band Director) commented beneath the picture after I posted it. which was cool that he congratulated them. I can’t wait till that child is born.

At the baby shower, which was also the date of a Funeral for a friend of ours, My brother Jaime chose to acknowledge  Dan who was killed that week. such a tragedy. On the same day was a march for Trayvon Martin on the same day here in N.O as well.

Here was the Image I made of Dan. He was a DJ and was coming up in his craft. Everybody was happy for him too.  He tragically lost his brother and Father just last month. now he’s gone and it’s heartbreaking because many of us remember him being a baby.

I nearly shed some tears making that thing.


On another note, Ira had her pageant, she says it went pretty well, she couldn’t make it to the baby shower, she didn’t come around Sunday neither. but  I’m okay with that. because I’m trying to stray away from her anyway. she doubted my families choice to do it host the thing in a bar. and Honestly because the bar. (A FAMILY OWNED BAR) ..smh.. but I’m glad she wasn’t there, I don’t need my family getting “used” to her.  Yesterday we went to see “The Conjuring” and hand Chili’s pretty okay place to eat. Pretty great movie.

I actually invited some high school friends of ours to the shower, they didn’t show though but its cool and didn’t mater really.  I was hoping to see a few people. but I’m glad things were the way they were.  Very happy for my brother and his wife. no matter what people say.

On my part. I need to get my priorities straight and fix some things.. I’ll talk about that later though.

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