Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I think This Month I’ll End It All

I realize that I’m being lied to, I’m being fooled, I’m being Used.

While online Sunday I ran across the page of a Mom she’s working with, I took her kids pic.  I saw that she uploaded a picture on to her page that I had taken which was Glitzed by an anonymous editor thru my GF.   Myself and my GF agreed that no digital copies would surface without my logo.  Unfortunately this one did.  That’s not my problem though.

My Problem is that my gf’s Friend Posted the photo and Captioned it with a credit to a non-existing photography firm.  That got me upset because I know that my GF came up with the name. I have yet to confront her on that situation.  The sad part is I’ve talked to her Twice since Sunday.

I honestly am ready to cut her off because she consistently lies about what she does. She called me at 3am telling me she was going to get a donut. She put her phone down minutes later and was talking about Smoking and popping Pills.  to a kid she’s got living with her. I honestly wouldn’t put it past her if her and this dude was having sex.  But that’s on her…

yesterday while online I saw that she had made overnight posts after not answering the phone for me.  what was messed up about that is, she was randomly stopping for gas. apparently out celebrating someone's birthday and got drunk…. too drunk.

The day before that she told me she was out practicing Yoga in front of the Casino.  I saw an unflattering picture of her doing so,. she uploaded it to facebook like a dummy.

This is embarrassing. I really should ignore the hell out of her for this next pageant. and remove myself from her life, because she’s trying to play me.

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