Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Auntie Buck has passed away

My Auntie Sylvia also known as Buck / Buckwheat has passed away today at about 1am. When we received this news. it was only a short time after 1.  My uncle muffin (her husband) was calling every one after he had gotten the news himself. from my cousin Desionaisse  Who  was With her has she began to pass away in the ambulance.  So Everyone  seems to have been informed now.  At this point all I’m  doing is sitting talking with my Mom and my brother about it.

I hate to see my mother cry but she has to in this time. I  feel her pain. Buck is one of my moms 8 sisters. the first of 10 siblings to pass away. she’s been sick for a number of years and have beat death twice in her life in recent years. I believe that God has remained with my aunt so that she pass at a time suitable for us all to come together because lord knows what’ our family is going through.

I personally  began to think of all of the things since my child hood, many memories surrounding Food obviously. LOL! but many memories. I appreciated her I love all my Aunts and from time to time I miss seeing them. but knowing I won’t see My Aunt Buckwheat again is heartbreaking. to us all. I pray for her Children  and Grandchildren  (my cousins)  they cope with this thing.  I hope for comfort for us all in these trying times.

Life Goes on!.. REST IN PEACE Sylvia Miller. Always Loved. Forever Will be Missed.!

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