Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Went to see #WereTheMillers Last night

. The Movie was amazingly funny. I guess that’s cliché to say but LOL I was joked out by the whole movie. I loved it.  I want to go see We’re the Millers once it officially begins too!.  I was looking up some things in reference to the theatre The Prytania. It’s a great spot to catch Independent films and classic movies for a date.  I’ve never been there before last night. I’d love to go there again. someday. It reminds me of a the classic neighborhood “Dollar show”  It’s a real nice place.

On some other stuff, Miss Lateness almost made me call it off. I was gonna go with my sister  who got upset because I canceled her.   On the other hand. Going with Ira was uhh the same old conversation. All she talks about is marriage and babies. .. we’ve only been together a few months why cant u give me at least 4 years of your life? in fact. I don’t think I’ll be with her 4 years from now because actually I really can’t put all my trust in her. as well as the fact that I can’t talk to her about my religious beliefs.

Yet she wants to talk about having kids and being married… forget that..  shew she better marry that random guy she had Dinner for 2 with at Valentines day LOL~

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