Thursday, August 29, 2013

Katrina Anniversary and I’m heading to Houston

My niece was born on the 26th, My Mom’s out there in Houston with my Brother and sister in law. so at this point myself, my dad & my brothers will be heading to Houston for the weekend and returning on Labor day.

I hope to make i t there in time so that I can hang out with my brother later that night. Hopefully we can attend Labor Day Classic. I haven’t been to a Texas Southern Home Game since Marching in the Ocean. 

It’s kind of weird to be heading to Houston over this weekend, knowing that on September first of 2005 I made it to Houston after being trapped here for Katrina’s Storm & The Flood After. it brings back Memories, Those same Memories have lead to nightmares too.  Among other things, for me, many great things have come out of Katrina and beyond. I appreciate the things that were done for me and my family by my friends and associates.  I love them all for that.   Now that I’m Houston Bound ..I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY NIECE.

I’ll be hitting Up Cheese Biscuit in a minute to see how she’s doing. I hope to God she defeats the breast cancer!

As for my girlfriend

Ira already believes I’m out there, I’m surprised she hasn’t realized that I’m no longer interested in her. much of it has to do with reasons I can’t explain because its too personal. Not really though. I just don’t want to Vex my spirit.  She called me earlier this week and I told her I was already there.  I hate to lie to her, but I also don’t want her to be calling me up to do things for her.  or to go out when I seriously don’t feel like it.

Learning to say No. more than often. I talked to my sister in reference to how I feel about Ira as well as some of the things she’s been telling me. as of late.  Such as Marriage. I don’t want to marry her but she comes up with new methods every week to stress the issue.  Even though I told her my reasons why. she just assumes its because I’m not mature as her.. Wrong.  She’s my second relationship  and  obviously I lack in many areas where an experienced person could take charge.  With that said. I’d rather be with some one else. than to marry her,  She has baggage that I just cant accept.

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