Thursday, August 08, 2013

Plain and Simple, I Don’t want to Marry You This Early

For the past few weeks, ira has been talking about marriage and kids. and no doubt I have a tendency to lead her on to keep going. But I realize that we argue slightly every time she brings up a date. and that’s because I can’t agree with her on a date.

She basically wants to get married in 2014. I told her 2016 of 17 would be good for me.  She , on the other hand is thinking of age and her child and her own life. I told her that I wouldn’t want to get married just for the sake of getting married. I’d really want to have my mind and life ready. I’m nowhere near ready for that.

She knows, yet she says that I’m not as mature as her  in a sense of Responsibility and what she’s had to endure as a woman, vs me as a man and not actually  being involved in any relationships prior to. I  think she was crying, I couldn’t tell though because I wasn’t looking at her face. I was standing by her car window.  after she went to sit in because I couldn’t  agree on a date.

Plain and simple, It have only been with you a year, I need more years before I can get married to you, She also believes that I don’t want to commit to her.  I personally am not afraid of commitment. I can be in a relationship without marriage and remain committed to who it is I love..  Marriage does not Justify love. it only Honors  principles  morality and the nature of God.  I believe that getting married  in 2014 would be rushing it.   

I like Ira A lot, but I actually don’t feel the way I used to about her.  I wouldn’t mind marrying her, but I would have to Know her and we would have to be at an unbreakable bond for that to happen.  And although I really want to be, I know that we are not Equals,   It’s like she has the meal prepared already and is just waiting  for me to eat it.

I can’t accept it it. Sorry.

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